Media and performing arts portfolio

The following is a sampling of selected interdisciplinary projects that are hybrid in medium, existing in the intersection of media and performing arts.


Untitled america

Untitled America project is a short, quirky dance film about hyper-American culture.

Selection of: 
Long Legs, Short Films (DCTV and Dance Films Association), New York, NY
BRIC Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Tiny Dance Film Festival, San Francisco, CA
Movies by Movers, North Carolina


A Song in the wind

A storm. An army of children. A fiesta in the distance. A changing landscape. An unending strength and beauty.
“A Song in the Wind” attempts to capture the ephemeral experience of daily life on Olango Island (Philippines) through movement and sound. 
Starring local citizens of the island as performers. 

Premiere: QFS Gallery in Cebu City, Philippines



A dance film on Super-8.

Selection of:

Dance Films Association,

 Mono No Aware



Attached, revised from its original version in 2011, was presented by Core Project at EMP Collective in Baltimore. “How can you create an intimate connection with a complete stranger?” This second version of Attached involved locating a partner who lives in Baltimore, someone I had never danced with. After some communication about the score of the dance plus minimal rehearsal, we performed two rounds of this duet, incorporating the same Lycra sheet and vocal feedback loops from the original version of the piece.

Wearable performance device created with an Arduino Liilypad Xbee, conductive fabric, Max/MSP and wireless microphones.



Out on the Ledge is a site-specific, projection-mapped video installation for four dancers in four windows. It takes the inhabitants of the building and incorporates them into its architecture, exposing four wild characters ready for a dance party.

Video mapping utilizing Max/MSP.

A collaboration with Alex Vessels.


Broken Landscape

Created while in residence at EMPAC, this interactive video projection bends according to the dancer's placement in space.

Video tracking in Isadora. Animations created with After Effects.



Dancers move through grids and projected silhouettes of themselves.

Video tracking and live visuals created with Max/MSP/Jitter, OpenFrameworks and presented in Isadora. 

Created in collaboration with Drew Burrows and Sarah Holmes.